ProVerb Thekiso

He started his career way back in 1999 and since then he has produced four albums and has won numerous awards including, Most Gifted Video in the Channel O Music Awards and a Best Hip Hop Metro FM Award. He has also been nominated for a You Spectacular Award for the best TV Presenter and 6 Hype Magazine nominations.

Tell us more about your history with Idols.

Idols remains the best gig of my career. When I first auditioned for the show I genuinely felt it was a long shot and the likelihood of a rapper hosting SA Idols was little to none in my mind. I went and cut my hair and even bought a shirt specifically for the interview and after rehearsing the script in front of the mirror I went for my audition and the rest, as they say, is history.

I enjoy traveling the country and interacting with aspiring singers and meeting all sorts of characters. My highlight every Season is seeing a young singer coming to audition, progress through the stages and finally winning the competition and having an impressive career. I love seeing and being part of that journey, from beginning to the end.

What keeps you coming back each year?

I really enjoy the process and feeling like I'm a part of a show that seeks to unearth fresh, new talent and launch it in to the music business. As a musician myself I really get fulfilled by ushering in new talent. My favourite part of the show is the live performance stages, I love the crowds, the lights and of course the raw talent. I certainly hope to keep doing a few more Seasons.

You are now the co-executive producer of the show. When did that happen and what does it involve?

I've been co-executive producer since Season 8 and this entails contributing creatively to the content of the show and bringing in a new perspective and a fresh eye. I'm also a musician, which means I make recommendations to the music in the production as well as the guest musicians we have on the show.

As the host of the show though, I'm very careful to keep the roles separate, as I need to remain neutral, so my interaction with the Contestants is very limited when we're not on the screen. This is purely to keep that aspect of it fairly neutral.

If you could collaborate with any of the previous Contestants, who would it be and why?

To be completely honest I do not necessarily wish to collaborate too often with the Contestants as I think they should establish themselves and enjoy their careers without too much clouding. I have collaborated with former contestants like Khaya and Boki but going forward it's not something I intend to do. I also feel it's important not to make Idols my personal talent scouting platform and to focus on my role as host and as co-producer. Having said I'm not opposed to the idea if it's a really unique situation.

What are you looking forward to in this Season in Idols?

The laughs, the talent, the drama, the performances, the guests, the crowds and the surprises.

What do you think is behind Idols’ popularity?

I reckon we love to laugh at ourselves, we love to be amazed by talent and we also love to see someone we like, and support them till they become a success.

Lastly, anything else you’d like to add? 

Yes... Dim the lights and cue the music..