What it takes to triumph against all odds!

7 months Ago
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Last night, Noma Khumalo’s dream came true in a big way thanks to the love and support of millions of you out there! She had a very worthy rival in Thami too with only 50 000 votes separating the two of them. In the end however, it was the substitute teacher from Pietermaritzburg who won South Africa over with her bubbly personality, charm, beauty and phenomenal voice!

Perhaps one of the most touching moments from last night’s show came when Noma was announced as the winner and didn’t even realise it until she was completely surrounded by her celebrating colleagues. It’s yet another testament to how humble and unassuming she is. Yet in her own sweet, bubbly way she’s been incredibly brave and determined!

As our Top 10 can probably attest, being in the limelight isn’t always rosy and people can be cruel. This morning, in one of many interviews to come, Noma revealed for the first time that she almost quit the show when people started body shaming her. Any hardcore Idols fans will remember what a difficult time this was for her and Unathi had to step in and offer a fellow queen some inspirational words of encouragement!

Now, Noma could have very well packed her bags and refused to subject herself to the harsh and unfair scrutiny but instead, she says she thought of her kids and chose to be an example that the tough get tougher and rise above when they’re faced with adversity! In the words of her own idol, Beyoncé, “Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper!” So tell us again who just cashed in on that R1.2 MILLION prize and a chance to live her dreams? Exactly! Sometimes the best clapback is hard work and tenacity.

Noma overcame adversity and turned something ugly into a triumph! It’s no wonder the love and adoration just keeps pouring in. Perhaps it’s because we see a little bit of ourselves in her and are inspired by her undeniable talent. We’re going to take a step back and let you see for yourselves the joy her victory has elicited. We love you Noma and we can’t wait to witness the many victories to come!

Noma chats to us about her BIG WIN!

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