Our Favourite Moments From Our Idols XII Auditions

10 months Ago
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As expected, Idols SA is delivering the goods! Here are five of our favourite things from the first five episodes of Season XII.

Wooden Mic

There’s no such thing as “a hot mess” on Idols SA. Or is there? This season, the talent that has walked into the Audition Room has been nothing short of a revelation. From sexy and sultry, to raw and raspy – we’ve seen and heard it all. It goes without saying however, that for every angelic voice we’ve had the privilege of enjoying, there have been two (or four) that have made us cackle out loud at best - and at worst, made our ears bleed a little. The list of culprits is endless. From Mbhishop’s brave, confusing foray into classical (or was it?) and the “Fororo Song”, to Viwe’s infamous fart (which was heard and luckily not smelt in living rooms across Mzansi), as well as Amos’ incessant refusal to take “No” for an answer (amongst many other transgressions), this season has surely not scrimped on the entertainment. But hey, nothing’s ever in vain! This season, as in all others, we have a little something to give to our resident song butcherers -  the Wooden Mic title. And of course, we’ve thrown the ball in your court. You can select your favourite here.

“Fire” Auditions

Ah, yes! The gist of why we are all gathered here today – amazing voices. This season is turning out to be quite something, isn’t it? The amount of talent we’ve been mining from all corners of Mzansi is mind-blowing, to say the least. And it’s not just brand spanking new voices and faces we haven’t encountered before that are mesmerizing us. We’ve also seen a couple of return soldiers on our screens. It goes without saying that this season, the stakes are even higher. And with Theatre Week kicking off this Sunday, we’re going to need to strap ourselves in and prepare for plenty of surprises. It goes without saying that an amazing audition gets you through the door. However, cracking the Top 16 and singing for Mzansi’s vote is the goal. Who will defeat all odds and walk away with the Idols crown this season?

Our Judges

Aren’t you glad our “Fab Four” has returned? Honestly, we almost had a nervous breakdown without them. And it’s amazing to see our favourites haven’t changed one bit. Unathi’s still sweet and sensitive, Gareth’s still a straight shooter and is always handy with the advice, while Somizi, two seasons in, is still as funny and animated as ever. Randall? He’s shown us a softer side we didn’t know existed, but make no mistake – he’s still the same ‘ol no-nonsense Randall.


What would our Idols hopefuls do without this man? His shoulder has seen more tears than we are allowed to carry in our bodies and he’s been there to celebrate Golden Ticket coups with the best of the best – and guess what? He’s remained a constant rock. Marry us, Pro?

Look! A Brand New Face

Although he was standing in for Gareth who was overseas, Jack Parow warmed our hearts with his guesting tenure when the Idols audition train hit Cape Town. Although it was tough for him to say “No” at first, Jack quickly recovered and was able to handle business like a true professional. Check out what The Parow had to say about his Idols experience

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