Mbishoph’s Lyrics Decoded

10 months Ago
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In just under two minutes on a chilly July evening, an unassuming, worldly man (with a clear taste for the exotic) from sleepy Umzimkhulu, turned Mzansi on its head. Armed with an ethereal, classical song - and a voice that would put Maria Callas to shame, Mbishoph Shezi marched into our Idols XII Audition Room and gave our judges and South Africa, a show worth remembering. As soon as dearest Mbishoph opened his mouth, it was clear to all and sundry that we were all about to get lost in translation – and we needed GPS. Fast!

Because it’s sooo not our style to take defeat lying down (and it’s not in our ‘gender’), we said a prayer and threw ourselves into ‘Project Decipher Mbishoph’s Lyrics’. Forgive us if we miss the mark, but you will agree that these lyrics are decidedly larger than life (and all of us, honestly). Headphones on? Good. Let’s go!

Artist: Mbishoph

Song: Is it Italian? Nobody knows, but its provocative

Verse 1

Lyrics: There you hon- hoh our Lord in nothing but ferris yeah I see (X2)

Translation: Yeah, I told ya’ll Jon Snow would rise again that other time but honey, you didn’t want to see (X2)

Lyrics: Bee-shin black and bishin boo, Bee-shin black and bishin boo

Translation: Melania Trump wrote this song boo, Melania Trump wrote this song boo

Lyrics: Thus seeks to steal a lie for true

Translation: I really want a pie. For real

Lyrics: La-lee cobra sticky you shirt vaht do you thinks, thinks? What do you thinks?

Translation: When you stick a cobra on your shirt, what do you think will happen? What do you think?

Lyrics: Tell me mister, tell me tem of our low being

Translation: All my life, I had to fight

Lyrics: Yeah a new country, yeah I see how to drine our valley use

Translation: What’s normal to the spider is chaos to the fly

Lyrics: How to DRY, DRY…our fur…yeah, youth

Translation: Work work work work work work. He say me haffi work work work work work work

Lyrics: Shek no teh oh shek no teh da flying for my Nataniel

Translation: Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

Lyrics: Oh with no more oh with no more, nakwan sked in the roots I call Okrah

Translation: Hibiri, in the meantime. Also, I love Oprah

*This is far as we’ll go, because honestly, this is going to take all day. We’ll let you decipher the rest, bbz. Let us know how that goes?

PS - Feel free to add this masterpiece to your song book!

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