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News: Randall on a Roll With His Comments

Thu, 21 Jun 2012 13:29
News: Randall on a Roll With His Comments
It is generally difficult to impress someone like Idols Judge Randall Abrahams. Now imagine him having a cold while facing contestants? It was like poking a tetchy bear that had just come out of hibernation. We really felt for the guys in Cape Town who had to face Randall while he had a case of the flu.

Here are some of the comments he dished out:

“It was awfully consistent; it was awful and consistent…”
“Not much of a singer in there, is there?”
“Your singing is even worse than your outfit.”
“That was like weak tea, basically.”
“He’s rubbish, he can’t sing and has no ability to perform.”

Luckily he managed to get his hands on a DStv remote to switch off what he did not like...which was mostly everything:

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