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News: Nuts about Idols Auditions

Thu, 14 Jun 2012 09:54
News: Nuts about Idols Auditions
Some folks take Idols auditions seriously - and really, who can blame them? Coming onto the show can change your life!

Take Shekhinah Donnell. Fans may remember her from last year - she did so well at her audition she managed to get a hug from Randall...true story!

Shekhinah did not do well during Theatre Week last year and left the contest. Wearing tremendous amounts of courage she returned to the Durban auditions this year. “I feel like I disappointed all the Judges [last year] because I came in with a bang and sizzled out at the end,” she said. Shekhinah wanted to change all of that this year.

When she walked in front of the Judges, Randall said: “I feel I may have to play Dad here and give you a lecture on not taking things seriously last year.”

Despite that, the young singer nabbed the Golden Ticket second year in a row!

Watch Shekhinah chatting to the Judges this year:

See Shekhinah Audition in Durban:

We also had Simphiwe Gwegwe who travelled all the way from Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape to Johannesburg for auditions. When he got there, it was over! Not giving up, he travelled to Durban for auditions. “I am in Durban now, so I am pretty happy.”

When he came face to face with the Judges, he explained he could not wait for the Cape Town auditions. Unathi and Gareth voiced how impressed they were with his dedication – if travelling 1970km is not sheer perseverance then we don’t know what is!

Simphiwe’s determination paid off and he got a Golden Ticket!

Watch Simphiwe Gwegwe audition:

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