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News: Khaya Mthethwa – the star from Durban

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 12:08
News: Khaya Mthethwa – the star from Durban
He was the last audition for the day, and boy, did Durban really save the best for last! Khaya Mthethwa is a Pastor’s Kid (P.K) so he has been singing in church for a long time. It shows!

As he began to sing Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are” – the Judges’ faces lit up more than a 6-year old kid on Christmas morning. Gareth was so relieved he gushed: “Thank you, Durban!” Unathi said: “You are incredible. Don’t loose your fire!” And high praise from Randall too: “See you in the Top 10.”

We thought that was the end of it, but Unathi asked for an encore. Imagine that! Khaya continued to serenade the Judges with John Lengend’s “So High”. Unathi went as far as joining him for an impromptu duet.

Khaya also impressed viewers so much so he became a trending topic on Twitter! Here are a few fan tweets:

Khaya @IdolsSA I'm his fan - idah_l idah litlhakanyane

@IdolsSA Khaya Mthethwa u refresh my soul I'm glued to channel 199 because of u - thobilehh thobile

I absolutely loved Khaya's audition...he was awesome @IdolsSA - OctaviaMoses Octavia

Watch Khaya auditioning again:

Khaya’s encore:

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