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About: Idols Season 9 Frequently asked questions

Thu, 25 Jul 2013 15:22
About: Idols Season 9 Frequently asked questions
Broadcast phase

Q: Can I still enter this season of Idols?

A: The countrywide auditions of Idols SA took place earlier this year and therefore you can’t enter any more.

Q: Has the entire show been recorded?

A: The auditions and Theatre Round have been recorded, but from the Group Shows in September viewers will see all the action as it unfolds live on stage.

Q: When will the first episode of Idols SA be screened?

A: On Sunday, 28 July at 17:30 on M-Net and Mzansi Magic. From 19:00 on the same night you can also watch Idols on the dedicated 24/7 channel, channel 199 on DStv.

Q: How, where and when can I watch Idols?

A: Idols Season 9 is a co-production between two M-Net channels, M-Net and Mzansi Magic, and all the shows will be simulcast on these channels:

M-Net – channel 101
Mzansi Magic – channel 161

You can also watch the dedicated Idols channel – channel 199

Until voting starts, Idols SA will be screened on Sunday nights only:

28 July – Cape Town auditions
4 Aug – Durban auditions
11 Aug – Johannesburg auditions
18 Aug – Highlights from all the auditions
25 Aug – Theatre Round
1 Sep – Theatre Round
8 Sep – Theatre Round

Q: Is Idols available on DStv mobile?

A: Yes

Q: Is Idols available on DStv Catch Up?

A: Yes, but only on PC.

Q: Is there a dedicated Idols Extra channel again?

A: Yes, you can watch the auditions as well as the Theatre Phase of Idols on Channel 199 from Sunday 28, July, after the first Idols show.

Q: Is there an Idols website where I can find updated information?

A: The official website address is

Q: Is there an Idols Facebook page?

A: Yes, Idols SA on Facebook

Q: How can I interact with other Idols fans?

A: You can interact on Facebook and Twitter. You will find Idols on “Idols South Africa” on Facebook and on Twitter it’s @IdolsSA.


Q: Are you broadcasting all the auditions?

A: Many of the auditions are included in the Sunday night shows. You can also see the auditions on the Idols Extra channel and ALL the auditions can be viewed on the Idols website. Do take note, however, that some of the regional auditions will only be screened on channel 199 in the week after the Idols Highlights show on 18 August.

Q: Why are the judges so mean to the contestants?

A: The judges are looking for South Africa’s next singing sensation and give their honest opinions when watching the auditions.

Voting and shows

Q: How many finalists are there this season?

A: That will be a surprise. Keep watching the show to find out.

Q: When does voting start?

A: Voting starts once the judges have identified the finalists at the end of the Theatre Round. More information will be revealed closer to the time.

Q: Can I buy tickets to watch the shows live?

A: Tickets will be available again for all the Idols Spectacular shows. Keep an eye on the Idols website for more information.

The Idols Top 10 Spectacular Shows and Live Results Shows will take place at the state-of-the-art auditorium at the Moreleta Park Church in Pretoria East, while the finalists will be determined by the Group Phase performances at the State Theatre.

De Villebois Mareuilrylaan 1353, Moreletapark x83
GPS Coordinates: S25°49min 39.61 / E28°18min.26.66
Get the Google map here

Audition phase

Q: Where will the auditions be?

A: Idols 9 auditions will be held as follows:
Saturday, 2 February – Cape Town: Grandwest Entertainment World
Saturday, 16 February – Soweto: Soweto Theatre
Saturday, 2 March – Durban: Durban Playhouse (Albany Parkade and Royal Parkade can be used for parking purposes)
Saturday, 23 March – Johannesburg: Sandton Convention Centre

Q: How do I enter?

A: Anyone who wishes to enter season 9 of Idols need only to arrive on any of the prescribed auditions days. No entry forms are required but contestants must bring an ID document and must be between the ages of 16 and 30, on the date of their first audition.
On the audition days, contestants arrive at the audition venue, where they must register.
Contestants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian so that the necessary participation forms may be signed.

Q: How old do I have to be to enter the competition?

A: You must be between the ages of 16 and 30 on or before your first date of audition.

Q: If I'm under 18, do my parents have to accompany me to the audition?

A: Yes - your parent/guardian will need to sign some forms, which allow you to participate.

Q: What about contestants from other African countries?

A: Contestants from other African countries are welcome to participate, but they must have SA citizenship and a valid South African ID document.

Q: What time do auditions begin and what is the cut off time?

A: Auditions start between 08:00 and 09:00 on the Saturday morning, but please arrive as early as possible – the queues are always very long. You have to be available for the entire weekend. Registration on the Saturday closes at 16:00.

Q: How long will the audition process take?

A: Be prepared to be at the venue the whole day. You might also be asked to come back within the next few days.

Q: I am a songwriter but not a performer - can I still enter?

A: You have to be a performer to enter the auditions.

Q: Who are the judges?

A: The judging panel consists of Gareth Cliff, Unathi Msengana and Randall Abrahams.

Q: Which record label will the winner be signed to and what other prizes are up for grabs?

A: Details of the recording contract and other prizes will be made public soon.

Q: Am I allowed to enter if I had a recording contract before, but it has now been terminated?

A: As long as all ties with your previous label are cut, and they recognize in writing that they have no claim to you, your name, image or any previous material (music, lyrics or tracks), whether released or not - you can take your shot at being an Idol.

Q: Am I allowed to enter if I have guested on other people's CDs?

A: You can enter, as long as all ties with your previous label are cut, and they recognise in writing that they have no claim to you, your name, image or any previous material (music, lyrics or tracks), whether released or not.

Q: Am I allowed to enter if I have music out but currently have no contract?

A: You can, but you need to make that fact very clear on the entry form.

Q: Am I allowed to enter if I am represented by a manager/management company?

A: You can, as long as your manager relinquishes control of your image, music and all associated management rights before the contest starts, and for the duration of your contract with the agents, which will be appointed to you should you succeed in the show.

Q: Can I enter if I have entered before?

A: Yes – especially if you know that your singing has improved. If you made it to the Idols Top 10, however, you won’t be allowed to enter again.

Q: Can I perform an original song at the auditions?

A: You may perform anything you are comfortable with at the auditions, but in further rounds that won’t apply.

Q: Can you audition with an Afrikaans song?

A: You may perform anything you are comfortable with at the auditions. We just want to hear you sing.

Q: Can I perform with an instrument at auditions?

A: Yes you may bring any musical instruments such as guitars, drums and accordions; but remember you will still be judged on your vocal abilities. Please note a keyboard will be available at all the auditions.

Q: Can you bring a friend to play the guitar while you audition?

A: You will not be allowed to bring a friend to play a musical instrument. It’s about your vocal ability.

Q:Can you audition in pairs?

A: No, only one person at a time will be allowed inside the audition room.

Q: Can you bring a backing track on CD or flash-drive to sing over?

A: No, you will be judged on your vocal ability so will not be allowed to sing over a backing track.

Q: What must I wear?

A: Wear something that will complement your personality. You will be judged on your voice, however.

Q: I live in one place, but I'll be in another when the auditions are to be held in my hometown. Can I go to another venue?

A: Sure - we just want to hear you sing!

Q: Can contestants audition at a second venue after getting a 'no' at their previous audition?

A: Yes you can audition more than once in the same season.

Q: I've lost my ID - will my passport suffice?

A: Yes, but you need proof that you are a South African citizen. You may also bring a copy of your ID, signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. Driver's Licenses won't be accepted, though.

Q: Will I definitely be on TV?

A: No - not everyone will make it. There's a good chance that if you don't make it to the M-Net show, you'll appear on Channel 199 on DStv, though.

Q: On which channels will Idols be broadcast?

A: Idols will be simulcast on M-Net and Mzansi Magic.

Q: Why are auditions not held in some regions such as the Eastern Cape?

A: For season 9, auditions will be held in Cape Town, Soweto, Durban and Johannesburg. It is very costly to do auditions – with a big crew, which is needed for Idols – at more locations.