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Exclusive Video: More from Melissa and Khaya

Wed, 03 Oct 2012 12:37
Exclusive Video: More from Melissa and Khaya
After a electrifying and entertaining Season finale that saw Khaya emerge as the winner, we caught up with the Top 2 to find out how they are feeling, what was their highlight of the Season, what advice they would give to future Contestants and finally, a message to their fans.

Clearly happy, Khaya saud: “It feels incredible. I am overjoyed and very excited…” He laughed when he admitted his personal highlight was winning the competition.

Watch this video to see what else he has to say:

Melissa confesses that Khaya is her BBF and is very honoured to come second, to him. She admits she exceeded her expectations. Her highlight was seeing her supporters (she hates the word fans), recording a single and doing a video for that.

See this exclusive clip to see what more she says:

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