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Exclusive Video: Dancing On Idols Was…

Tue, 04 Sep 2012 13:44
Exclusive Video: Dancing On Idols Was…
The Top 6 gave some showstopper performances this Sunday but they could not have done it without the Idols Dancers. This collective of professional dancers from all over the country added flair and excitement to the show.

“Being on Idols was so awesome, meeting new dancers and getting to share experiences and learning different styles,” said Duane Lawrence.

The “Showstopper” theme was no easy feat to pull off, requiring hours and hours of rehearsal to get all the moves just right.

“It’s been hectic rehearsals for two weeks straight and intense times that when you get home you pass out. But like he said we enjoy meeting new people and learning new styles. Its been great,” said Golda Rabe.

Watch this video interview till the end to see some of their dance moves.

Now if you have your sights set on being a dancer, these professionals have a few tips just for you.

To avoid any injuries, Kayb Mohlala says one should always “warm up before you do anything at all.”

Duane says being a part of the Idols Top 6 Performance Show required a lot more than just dancing skill. “Yes its about the dancing and expression and wanting to be the best on stage but it’s also about being aware of what’s happening around us on stage, the singing, there’s guys doing bungee jumps from the top of the stage so it’s awesome, it’s huge, you need to be cautious and so aware,” he says.

Watch the Idols Dancers in the opening Top 6 Group Performance again:

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