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News: Dominic Answers Your Questions

Wed, 29 Aug 2012 14:53
News: Dominic Answers Your Questions
Check out what Dominic says about his Idols SA journey, dealing with negative comments from the public and who is taking this competition.

1. Dominic did you enjoy yourself in Idol SA? How would you describe your journey? - Evelyn Phasha
Idols SA was an incredible experience and learning curve. I got very emotional looking back at my journey last night because it was so special and amongst all the chaos on stress of the top 10 I think I'd forgotten exactly how special it really was. Idols SA really is a great platform and I'm leaving the competition ready with a full arsenal to make a career for myself and I've never been more excited.

2. What are the plans from now on? - Precious Mudau-Thenzheni
Very difficult to say exactly but I definitely want to get myself into the music and entertainment industry. I have a demo and want to get the music I've spent the last 5 years writing out there and would love to also get into radio and television. Let's just hope with a lot of hard work that this won't be the end of Dominic Neill in the business.

3. I'd just like to know, did his confidence take a plunge since he was in the bottom 3 the last 4 weeks? - Lizette De Waal
My confidence definitely did take a blow because I felt like no matter how hard I worked or what I did, I'd still end up in the bottom 3. Having said that I always worked hard and tried my best to step up my game because I knew there were people out there supporting me and that kept me going.

4. Dom how did you feel after so much criticism on the social networks? What kept you going for the past 3 weeks? - Nokthula Ngcobo Sthandiwe
I learnt very early on in my singing career that no matter how hard you work and even if you're the most amazing singer on the planet, there's always going to be criticism so I tried not to let it get to me. What kept me going was a combination of 2 things, luckily I'm a very positive person by nature and also the fact that I was still in the competition because there were fans out there voting for me.

5. Did the live shows get to him in terms of the pressure because he Judges loved him at first? - Kat Nyoni
I don't think it was the pressure as such but there were mistakes I made that cost me. I forgot to stick to the recipe that made the judges love me and once I had done that, they doubted me and then it was a race against time to get their faith back.

Dominic Neill at the Johannesburg auditions.

6. Who does he think are likely to be in the Top3. And who in his honest opinion deserves to win? - Gontse Letswalo
Predicting is something that’s sooo tough with all the votes. But I honestly think the winner is going to come out KZN. Watch this space!

7. Who did you get along best with among other contestants? - Vuyo Philani Mbhele
I have made friends for life with all the contestants but my two roommates Monde and Khaya are both like older brothers to me and Shekie is someone who I clicked with from day one. The fact that we were the two youngsters in the house also played a big part I reckon.

8. Do you listen to Michael Buble? You sound and act like him. - Sanele Bristos Ngcongo
I have massive respect for Michael Buble because he is a master at what he does. I think the way I move and act on stage is definitely influenced by him.

9. Where did you develop such a great sense of style? You were killing them in that department boss, since your first audition. - Sinethemba Buthelezi (@Real_snash)
Thank you so much firstly. I don't really know. I'm a person who likes what he sees and then I wear it.

10. Dominic are you single? - Sweets (@durelltjies)
I am single indeed and a hopeless romantic too. Bad combination.

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