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News: Judges React to Top 7

Mon, 27 Aug 2012 11:47
News: Judges React to Top 7
The Drakensberg Boys Choir added a festive like atmosphere to the stage during the Top 7 Performance Show.

After a mind-blowing group performance, singing Fun’s “We Are Young”, each of the Idols sang with the backing of the choir. It was sensational to have them on-board.

Simphiwe was first on stage. “I thought we peaked when we had John Legend,” Unathi raved. “But tonight, Simpiwe, with that performance…!” Randall struck the note of dissent. “There’s no question that you’re good,” he admitted, “But in terms of the subtlety and the vocal shading, you’re up against some fine other contenders.”

Do you agree with the Judges? Watch his performance again:

For her big choral moment Tshidi chose Mary J. Blige’s big hit with George Michael, “As”. “I’m really happy you chose that song and you did it beautifully,” Gareth said. “I love the way you hold your power. You’re a genius.” “You took me back to church,” Unathi noted, “I could have listened to you for hours.” And Randall admitted that he gets criticised for being too hard on some of the other contestants, “but let’s face it,” he said, “there are things you’ve already forgotten that they’ve still got to learn.”

What do you think of Tshidi’s performance?

Monde found himself in the Bottom 3 last week but this week he hoped to triumph with the old Prince classic, “Purple Rain”. “That song can expose someone and make them very vulnerable,” Gareth pointed out. “I don’t feel that was your best. It was an 8 and it should have been a 10.” But Unathi was pleasantly surprised. “It was smart of you not to emulate Prince but to show what your vocal capabilities are,” she said. “To be honest with a song like this you have to be great, and you have to be great all the time,” Randall thought: “I think this song did leave you very vulnerable this week.”

Watch his rendition again:

Jozi boy Dominic chose Coldplay’s “Paradise”. “I think all these weeks in the Bottom 3 are maybe getting to you,” Gareth said. “You’re trying too hard now.” Unathi agreed, noting that the power of the mind is significant for performers. “I agree with Gareth you were very excited. As a performer you need to still find yourself,” she said. “I imagine you’ll be in the Bottom 3 again,” Randall predicted.

Watch him perform his song again:

Shekhinah had Randall on his feet, applauding and shaking his head in wonder, with her performance of the Macy Gray hit “I Try”. “Lira was right – this was a great song choice for you,” Gareth said. “Your youth counts for you,” Unathi said. “You know what’s popular.” “I thought that every moment of that was really good,” Randall praised. “That was fantastic.”

See her sing again:

Khaya chose R. Kelly’s “I Am The World’s Greatest”. “Hmm-hmm-hmm,” is how Gareth indicated his approval. “It’s so beautiful to see that your focus is back,” said Unathi. “You reminded me of uKhaya that I met in Durban and that I loved so much,” she reflected. “It is wonderful and awe-inspiring.” Even Randall called it “an exceedingly polished performance.” But he also offered a word of advice: “The one thing that you’ve got to consider is that this is an amateur competition – the viewers tend to side with the ones that are not as polished,” he warned.

Check out his performance once more:

Melissa closed the show with Aretha Franklin’s and Annie Lennox’s big hit, “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves”. “Something didn’t sit right with me, it felt corny,” Gareth noted. “It felt old. And I’m worried that you’re going to be in the Bottom 3 this week.” Unathi said she understood what Gareth meant. “But in terms of a vocal performance it was spot-on,” she thought. Randall agreed that certain songs are time-bound. “That message is a very Eighties message, he noted. “Having said that, over the past two weeks you have improved dramatically,” he encouraged Melissa.

Watch her sing again:

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