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News: Support for Chloe

Fri, 24 Aug 2012 10:59
News: Support for Chloe
During the last Live Results Show (21 August), Monde, Chloe and Dominic received the least number of votes.

After Monde was declared ‘safe’, show host, ProVerb, revealed that a mere 36 votes separated Chloe and Dominic. Unfortunately for Chloe, the votes were not in her favour.

Chloe handled everything with much elegance and style. She took to Facebook to send a message to her fans:
Ah guys! Don't be sad for me. This is the way the competition works, in the end there is only one winner! I'm incredibly grateful for all of you and this phenomenal experience that I've been SO blessed to have. My career in music starts right now, I promise you haven't seen the last of me. Thank you all SO much for all your support and all the beautiful words...really means everything to me. I'm leaving this competition a stronger and more enlightened person, not to mention musician. Thank you Idols South Africa! The friends I've made here are friends for life. Couldn't have asked for anything more.

Watch the announcement again:

Chloe’s fans sent her messages of support across Facebook and Twitter:

@IdolsSA I'm so proud of you Chloe, your vocals are amazing. We going to miss you on the show but chin-up n keep on smiling – Nadika Ramjewan.

@IdolsSA ahhhhhh Chloe... You have an amazing voice.. It doesn't end here...just carry on exposing your talent and great things will happen - Oh_So_ReaLisTic.

@IdolsSA Aww Sorry to see you go Chloë but you still going to go far. Much love x - Elton Van Wyk.

@IdolsSA Sad for days about Chloe – NcamsNkosi.

@IdolsSA I wish u all de best in future u we're amazing - Ramukosi Lefowa.

she was 1 of da best - Ntshebo Moshoeshoe.

The judges are retarded..... Letting the only talented person leave!!!! - Ryan Garner-Savory .

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