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Exclusive Video: Diary Sessions

Fri, 24 Aug 2012 10:06
Exclusive Video: Diary Sessions
We caught up with the Top 7 Contestants this week for exclusive diary sessions.

More than the country’s Idols Contestants, they are also normal people; grappling with the changes the competition has brought to their lives.

We wanted to know more about their new found fame, how does it feel to be a household name now, dealing with the negative feedback, but also getting so much of support over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to the strangest requests they have received over these mediums.

Shekhinah revealed: “I never thought I would get this much attention from the public when I entered this competition. I thought I could just come and sing to these Judges and thought only their opinion mattered. But there is everyone else, so it is really cool.”

Do you want to know what else she had to say? Watch this:

Simphiwe confessed: “The most difficult thing about being well known is sacrificing your time. Usually, what happens is if you have an off day, fans don’t know that…and you have to enhance your positive attitude.”

Watch this video for more:

Monde says: “Recently I have been getting great comments and it feels great, really. People say the nicest things.” On the other hand he reveals that negative comments can bring you down and it can be damaging.

Watch this exclusive if you want to know more:

Referring to her new status as an Idols Contestant, Melissa says there is a lot of pressure because people expect you to be a certain way. While she has watched the show before, and knew what former Contestants experienced, she tried to prepare herself mentally but confesses it still gets hectic.

Watch the video to find out more:

Tshidi admitted: “It is so humbling when you get people cheering for you and people saying all those nice things about you.” On the down side, she says people forget you are also just human with feelings that there are up days and down days.

Watch her diary session to find out more:

Khaya declared: “Being part of Idols, such a big brand, has turned my life upside down in terms of the person that I am, the career I am pursuing. Things are no longer by-the-way dreams, I can have proper plans now.”

Watch this video to find out more:

Dominic spoke about the negative comments across Facebook and Twitter: “I try not to go on straight after the show because I think it is very bad for your psyche.” He noticed there were adverse comments after bad performances. “I had two rough weeks.” But they improved after he had a better performance.

See what else Dominic has to say:

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