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News: “There’s No Time For Love”

Fri, 24 Aug 2012 08:32
News: “There’s No Time For Love”
Rumours of romance in the Idols House sure have been making their rounds. Is there a little something between Tshidi and Simphiwe? Is there anything more to Khaya and Shekhinah, after they were spotted holding hands on V-Entertainment? We dig in…

“There’s no time for romance in the house,” said Simphiwe. He has denied any rumours that he and Tshidi are in a relationship saying they are more like siblings.“There is nothing happening between Tshidi and me. We are like brother and sister. There’s no romance, no hearts, no flowers, its just love from brother to sister.”

And with their hectic schedule of rehearsals, media interviews and vocal training, “there’s no time to crawl into anyone’s bed and say ‘hey I want some TLC’.”

Tshdi was surprised to hear of the rumour. “Really? I have never heard of that. I would never have thought of it,” she said in between laughs.

When asked if she thought he was hot, she said: “Me and Simphiwe are just good friends. I don’t know if he’s hot, I’ve never looked at him in that way.”

They are not the only Contestants rumoured to be enjoying each other’s company. On V-Entertainment recently, Khaya and Shekhinah were spotted holding hands.

“There is nothing happening between me and my little girl Shekhinah, she is my hometown girl,” said Khaya, after almost dropping the microphone (along with his jaw) in surprise. “I don’t know why people are flipping that over to say there might be something between me and her.”

Shekhinah echoed Khaya’s denial. She said in jest: “Me and Khaya are enemies…jokes! We are not enemies. We belong to the same agency and same vocal coach so we’ve always seen each other in passing.”

And it would seem Shekhinah might already be spoken for. “Shekhinah and I always joke that she is my wife in the house,” Dominic said. “We are both the youngest and I’ve got her back. Its just uncanny how we finish each other’s sentences, or we both thinking the same thing or I bring her a drink when she’s eating. But no one must get ideas or anything. I love her to bits, she’s really cool.”

So it looks like there is plenty love in the house…but only the platonic kind.

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