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News: Chloe Answers Your Questions

Wed, 22 Aug 2012 16:09
News: Chloe Answers Your Questions
This week saw Chloë Kiley fall out of the competition to find South Africa’s next Idol. Her fans sent through questions they are dying to have her answer.

Check out what she says about the competition, her future plans and even which Contestant she would send home if she were given the chance.

1. Who or what inspired her to sing? - Lunga Thabethe (@Awemo6)
I've been singing ever since I can remember, so I'd have to say my parents. They met in a band and both play guitar, neither too talented in the singing department though. Please don't tell them I said that.

2. What is next for your music career? I hope you aren't throwing in the towel. -Tekane Ledimo (@Quadlover)
No towels will be thrown! Ever! I'm going back to the (my) Mother City, going to hook up with some awesome musicians, lock myself in a studio and write some incredible music. Then I'll release it for you all to hear!

3. Do you feel Team Chloe has let you down? - Nompilo Ngcobo (@Mpeexie)
Not at all! I'm eternally grateful for the support that has gotten me this far, Top 8 in South Africa! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Team Chloe.

4. Are you going to ask your fans to vote for any other contestant, if yes, which one? - Chantal McCreadie
I don't think so, not because I don't want my fans voting for another contestant, but because I love them all and I don't want to personally and explicitly ask people to vote for one specific Idol. They're all incredible in their own right and the fans will choose their own favourites.

5. If you were to eliminate one Idols Contestant who would it be and why? - Yvette Mendez Kekana
Eish, that's a tough one! I'd have to say Dom, just because he only beat me by 36 votes. Haha! Love you bro!

6. Which of your performances did you enjoy the most? - Isabella Montia Tembo
I really enjoyed the first time I sang in Sun City, “Crazy Dreams” by Carrie Underwood. Amazing song with a beautiful message. It was at that point I decided, “okay I'm just going to go for this, balls to the wall. Judges, this is who I am and if you don't like me, too bad.” Luckily they did!

I also loved the group stages, it was really cool to make that Adele mash up our own. I also loved singing “Never Tear Us Apart”, even though I was dying of flu, but I'd have to say my all-time favourite was my first time on the Mosaiec stage experiencing that insane crowd, singing “Missing You”.

7. Did the Idols competition meet your expectation as a contestant? Would you advice people to enter? - Dineo Mbali Mpeko
It exceeded my expectations. It truly has been the most incredible experience for me, but that being said, I think it's definitely what you make of it. I chose from the beginning to make sure that I took the most from every day, and that I was continually learning and staying positive. It really is intensely hard work.

8. How do you handle the pressure each week? It's so unpredictable! Do you think that this is a game more than a search for musical talent? - Mandy Bowers Heynes
The pressure is really very hectic. I think I started feeling it most the further the competition went - up until Top 10 I was pretty much cruising on positivity and confidence, but once you've had one 'bad' performance and slipped down a few ladder rungs, it really is incredibly difficult to pick yourself back up again.

It's just that overwhelming feeling of 'everything hangs on these two minutes I have on stage, what if I forget my words? What if Randall hates it? What if, what if, what if...' and then still trying to perform through it!

I think it's definitely a search for musical talent, an amazing platform and a wonderful learning experience, but above all, it's reality television and a story needs to be told. Being a contestant one needs to understand this.

9. What was your best experience in the Idols House? - Mpho M Makofane
So many! But I'll narrow it down to laughing with Shekhinah and singing and playing the piano with Khaya.

10. Who were your best friends in the house and who will you miss the most? - Lindiwe Innocentia Lebby-LaPoet Nkosi
Wow, I'll miss them all, honestly. But it breaks my heart that I won't be seeing Shekh every day anymore...she really is one of my best friends in the world. Also, Khaya and I connect on some sort of musical level that I've never felt before. That boy has the most beautiful soul!

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