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News: Obakeng Answers Your Questions

Wed, 08 Aug 2012 12:51
News: Obakeng Answers Your Questions
Last night we bade a surprising farewell to Obakeng Ramaboa after he received the least number of votes from the public.

We asked viewers at home to send through questions they would like him to answer and this is what you wanted to know.

1. What does your musical career hold now that your Idols career is over? - Balance Teflon Don Hanganda
It is still music all the way for me! Not sure what though, I have to sit and plan properly for that. But I feel an album coming soon.

2. Obakeng, now that your journey is over on Idols, are you going to continue with gospel? - Smangele Vezi
Gospel will always be a part of me! But it’s not the only thing I do.

3. What genre do you do personally? - Quench Laroca Thabethe
I don’t believe in classifying my music. The people can do that for me. I grew up listening to and singing a lot of R&B/Soul but have never done any of that on Idols.

4. Do you think you really deserved to leave the competition at this time? - Tinashe Munyaradzi Guzha
No! I don’t think I deserved to go. But it’s not what I think that matters, it’s the votes that count.

5. Do you think your fans let you down? - Sebenzile Uzoba Strong Bhelekazi
LOL! No! People have been very supportive. I’m just grateful to whoever voted for me. I believe God is in charge! What happened happened and it couldn’t have happened any other way.

6. Were you as shocked as we were when you found out you're leaving? - Princess-evey Mo
Honestly, I was very shocked! I thought I was at least one of the Top 5 performers on the night. But I guess it’s the votes that count.

7. Very upsetting to see you go. Has idols given you the confidence to carry on with your music career? I hope so because you are good bra. - John Samson
Thanks John! Idols SA has created a monster bro. I am going to make this work somehow. The music lives on.

8. What have you learned from Idols SA? - Leejoy Thabz Kanyane
Idols taught me to diversify as a musician. Not to put myself in a box

9. Do you feel that you did the best you could in the competition? Which performance do u consider your best in the competition? - Dineo Mbali Mpeko
I feel I did well in the competition. I didn’t really expose all I could do but I am very proud of my performances. The 2 performances that really stand out for me are those I did in the group stages and my Top 18 performance

10. Is singing in your blood or are you just doing it to get money? - Otlotleng Katz Pule
LOL! The money doesn’t come that easy hey. I believe God created me for music. I even quit my job to focus on my music.

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