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News: The Top 10 Was…

Tue, 07 Aug 2012 13:08
News: The Top 10 Was…
Last week Randall said “if you thought that the Top 18 was difficult, the Top 10 is going to be impossible” and Sunday’s Top 10 Performance Show lived up to that statement.

The Judges were impressed from the first performance that saw Nosipho sing “Lady Mamalade” by Pattie Labelle.

“It’s a big song to take on, Pattie Labelle has an amazing voice and I think, in your case, the gamble paid off,” Randall said after her performance.

Next up was Obakeng and his sultry voice performing “Kiss” by Prince And The Revolution.

Fans took to our official Idols SA Facebook page and posted;
He was super, fabulous, out of this world. He was good!! - Thandazo Thandi Mpho Mnyoni

Randall has a point, I like Obakeng very much, but his performance didn’t keep my eyes glued to the screen. - Bernina Hesselman

Obakeng is really good, I just don’t think he is being himself, he is trying too hard to fit in. - Natalie Seilbea

Monde again won over Unathi with his performance of “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Baby” by Barry White.

“The thing about you is that you understand that you are a joyous performer and that’s what you have going for you,” she said.

And all Unathi could say after Chloe’s performance was “see you in the final?”

Meanwhile Chloe’s fans shared their views online.
Chloe’s performance is the best so far - Refilwe Petja

Awesome. She nailed it. - Norah Van Eyssen

Next SA IDOL - Jodi Hewitt

Next up was Simphiwe who gave a brand new groove to the Manhattans classic “Kiss And Say Goodbye”.

Gareth said, “I love that little bit of reggae, that groove you were in was perfect and it worked”.

But Randall did not agree. “I’m completely unimpressed with histrionics. It works with a crowd but it certainly wont work on a record,” he said.

Dominic gave yet another quirky performance with a cover of Aloe Blacc’s “I Need A Dollar”.

But Idols fans seemed to agree with Randall’s view that the quirkiness may be wearing a bit thin.

Dominic makes Idols funny not interesting, just laugh out loud funny. - Mamathe Hlapisi Ngobese

He did what he could! It was good but not great! - Chantelle Mich

I love Dominic, he has a beautiful, pure and bold voice, my only concern is that the performance was forgettable maybe it's because of the song choice - Palesa Tily Ralikhomo

Randall felt Melissa she used ‘vocal gymnastics’ to cover the fact that she “is not a great singer”.

This is what the public thought of her rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”:

Wrong song choice....although great voice. - Trishen Dhunraj

I loved her previous performances but this one I didn't like at all, great talent but not this performance - Marcia Malan

Not convincing enough. Sorry! - Noluvuyo Sobetwa

Khaya, an early favourite in the competition, had mixed reaction to his performance of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”.

“I thought that was good, I dint think it was amazing,” Gareth said.

And Randall thought his singing was a bit flat. “I don’t think your singing was as good as its been in previous performances” he said.

Shekhinah’s performance the Tina Turner hit “Simply The Best” had the audiences dancing but did not impress the judges.

“Its very easy to get carried away and to let the nerves get to you,” Gareth said after her performance.

The show came to a spectacular close when Tshidi rocked all three Judges and the audience alike.

This is what you thought;
I watched you last year and I am so very proud, it feels like you’re a phoenix that rose up and now you are soaring! We love you here in Namibia;) - Nats Beukes

Wow!! Still can't get over your performance!! You rocked it :) -Shariez Mahomed

Wow you made me cry gal luv you - Nokuthula Mthabela

Be sure you’re watching the first Results Show of the Top 10 Spectacular phase on M-Net and Mzansi Magic this Tuesday, 7 August at 19:30.

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