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News: Zakes on the Idols Stage

Thu, 02 Aug 2012 07:59
News: Zakes on the Idols Stage
Flanked by two ballerinas, a dark screen behind him and otherworldly blue lights, Zakes Bantwini made an outstanding impression when he appeared on the Idols stage. It certainly gave us a case of goose bumps...

Hailing from Durban, this musician once told City Press: “I am about dance music. My name, Zakes, is a nickname from my real name Zakhele Madida and Bantwini is from my friends because I am a people’s person.”

You gotta watch his performance again:

Folks took to social media to gush about his show:

Zakes Batwini..what an an amazing perform...#idolsSA - Zinhle Mqadi.

Zakes Batwini on stage yesses!! #IdolsSA - Tariro Maviyo.

Those ballerinas killed me! - Melanie-ann Diesel.

I never really liked him, but now I love him! - Sthandiwe Smally Mbanjwa.

What did you think? Sound off in the comments section below.

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